Collection: Ilmor MV8 6.0L - Annual service

The Ilmor MV8 6.0L engine is no longer offered in the MasterCraft boat line. Due to increased demand from the boat, weight, and additional surf systems. The engines have been upgraded. This service is only recommended for engines out of warranty and no longer available. If you buy a new engine or rebuild. Please follow the warranty guide lines set forth by the manufacture. Ask them to provide written documentation. 

For every engine I work on. I do the same inspection every single time. This guarantees my customers the best service, and least amount of future problems. Also gives me the opportunity to fix issues while I am already working on the boat.

  • Under Water Gear - Air Filter / Spark Arrestor - Engine and Transmission Coolers - Raw Water Pump Assembly - Anodes if equipped - Serpentine Belt and Tensioner - Spark Plugs and Wires - Powertrain Alignment - Prop for damage and or dings - Sea strainer - All water inlet valves - Fire extinguisher system - check transmission oil levels
  • Belt Condition - Change if signs of wear or damage.


  • Engine oil and filter
  • If you get lake gas you should change the fuel filters Annually

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