Collection: Ilmor 5000 MPI 5.7L - 100 Hour / 2 Year Service

The Ilmor 5000 MPI 5.7L engine is no longer offered in the MasterCraft boat line.
Everything we offer is preventative maintenance. Because I stay true to how I perform my services, all of my customers have a flawless weekend every single time, every single year.
The fuel filters should still be changed regularly. To keep the engines internal system running correctly and keeping it from fowling spark plugs, or creating miss fires. You really need to keep the fuel lines to the engine clean.

Perform a Basic inspection of the engine for water leaks when running on the hose or in water. Inspect the Sea Strainer, and as Stated before. Perform the same inspection as in the annual service.


  • Fuel Filters
  • Transmission Oil and Filter
  • Pressure Relief Valve

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