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MV8V-1173 Filter Transmission ZF - Ilmor & Indmar

MV8V-1173 Filter Transmission ZF - Ilmor & Indmar

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Ilmor uses the same transmission oil filter across all transmissions in your MasterCraft boat. Always make sure to use OEM parts especially while under warranty. Using any other parts during this time made resalt in your warranty being denied or cancelled. 
PART #MV8V-1173

This product is for ZF Transmissions Indmar uses the same Transmission so this filter will work. Please note that these transmissions no longer take ATF. You are to use 15w40

Compatible With:

  • 5.7L MPI
  • 5.7L MPI OPS
  • 6.0L MPI
  • 6.0L MPI OPS
  • 6.2L MPI
  • 6.2L MPI OPS
  • 7.4L MPI
  • 5.3L GDI
  • 6.2L GDI

WARNING: you can find these online but the O-rings will not always be correct. Wont come in factory box, Risk buying online. Inferior glue used on filter will fall apart.

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