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MAT Sensor MV8V-1052

MAT Sensor MV8V-1052

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Ilmor Manifold Air Temperature sensor MV8V-1052 is used on all Ilmor engines used in the MasterCraft boat line up. This measures air temperatures entering the intake manifold and helps the engine to make adjustments to perform and run smoothly.  

PART #MV8V-1052

Compatible With:

  • 5.7L MPI
  • 5.7L MPI OPS
  • 6.0L MPI
  • 6.0L MPI OPS
  • 6.2L MPI
  • 6.2L MPI OPS
  • 7.4L MPI
  • 5.3L GDI
  • 6.2L GDI


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