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Glide Bearing

Dripless Shaft Seal 1 1/8 GMSS-1.125X1.175-M

Dripless Shaft Seal 1 1/8 GMSS-1.125X1.175-M

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Glide Dripless shaft packing for MasterCraft, and other brand name boats. The Dripless Shaft seal or Shaft Packing, is used to keep water from entering the boat from around the shaft into the boat. This system using cold water from the engine to cool the shaft. Rope packings are a drip system, and if not done correctly can melt the wax, burn the rope, and cause it to leak water into the boat.


PART # GMSS-1.125X1.175-M

Compatible With:

  • All MasterCraft boats with a 1 1/8 inch shaft
  • This system will also work for your other major wakeboard lines
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