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Rinda Technologies DIACOM kit 94030M is for MasterCraft boats, Ilmor engines, Malibu, Supra, Nautique boat. Handles PCM, Indmar, and Mercruiser. This will scan all Ilmor, and Marine wakeboard engines. This is the kit that you need, and the only tool you will ever need again. Diacom Marine PC based diagnostic kit with CAN and Mercury G3 SmartCraft adapters. 

PART# 94030M
US Version, must call if you are looking for another country.

Compatible With:
The last diagnostic tool you will need

  • All wakeboard boat manufactured engines
  • except 2006 to 2009 PCM

The software is free, and this setup will let you do the following, and more.

  1. See all engine parameters
  2. Record engine parameters that can be sent to us
  3. See engine codes
  4. See engine hours at all RPM ranges
  5. See cylinder misfires 
  6. Clear engine codes
  7. Reset codes
  8. Reset engine parameters
  9. A lot more that will take too long to list.

Kit comes with:

  • 94005
  • 94006
  • 94029
  • 94032
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