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Ballast Pump 300105B

Ballast Pump 300105B

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Ballast pump 300105B MasterCraft ballast system. This pump is the newest model and replaces all older versions. Johnson ballast pumps have come a long way and this one is now the fastest mid grade ballast pump before going into high flow ballast pumps. 

PART# 300105B

Compatible With:

Standard ballast pump replaces any MasterCraft boat year and model equipped with this pump. There were a couple variations of this pump, and if your boat has something that looks like the pump but not 100% the same. This will still replace that pump as well. 

Ballast pump fits more than just MasterCraft boats. This is the same pump that most of the other boat manufactures use as well. The triangle plate can be replaced with this pump as well, and this Johnson ballast pump is faster.

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