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Acme Props

Acme Prop Bag/kit 4999

Acme Prop Bag/kit 4999

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Acme prop Bag saver kit 4999 is perfect for your spare prop for your boat. This bag can hold a prop up to 15.5 inches in diameter. Don't miss out on a vacation or weekend trip with a damaged prop. This kit comes with everything you need to change out the prop on your boat.
 Our Traditional Weekend Saver Kit is available in two options: shaft sizes from 1" to 1 1/8" (#4999) and from 1" to 1 1/4" (#5999). Our kits include a carry case for your ACME spare propeller, wrench, needle-nose pliers, c-clamp, cotter pin, key, and nut. Prop is not included.

Our #4999 kit fits propellers with a 15.5" diameter and smaller.

PART #4999

Compatible With:

  • with all props up to 15.5 inches
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