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Oil 15W-50 Full Synthetic 6-Pack PV08624

Oil 15W-50 Full Synthetic 6-Pack PV08624

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Ilmor PV08624 I only use full synthetic in my MasterCraft Boats. When running your Ilmor engine under heavy load. It is best to use the best. 

PART# PV08624
Only sold in cases of 6. Price is for 6 qts

Compatible With:

  • MPI 7.4L

Quantity Needed:

  • 5 to 5.5 qts
  • Run the engine that is in your boat on a hose or in the water. Turn off and let sit. Check oil level with engine off. Add or remove oil to make sure you are on the full line. Do not run boat until oil level is correct.
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