Indmar 575 Service kits

Indmar engines make the all powerful 6.2L supercharged 575 for a lot of your boat brands. Pavati boats as well as Supra, and Moomba boats. Check out what services are needed to keep your boat running smoothly.

Annual Service

All Service intervals are taken directly from Indmar's website, and are the most up to date requirements for maintaining your Indmar engine warranty. Please note that your printed manual is only as good as the day it is printed, and that owners should go to the website for the most current service requirements.

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Break-in Service

The Indmar break in service on your Indmar engine equipped boat is for new boat owners. This service should be performed before or by 25 hours. The service can take place anytime after 10 hours. It allows us to make sure that everything from the factory is running, and working correctly.

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75 Hour Service

With the boats that we service and maintain. The 75 hours is very important. This job can be performed in minutes, and save your summer

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100 Hour Service

Indmar keeps it simple and just wants to make sure things are still standing up to the test of time, and use of your engine. Inspections are good to do all the time, and replacing parts before they become a problem is how you stay on the water.

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300 Hour Service

Please see your manual for service intervals. As it states on the top of the 300 hour service. This is to be done every 300 hours or annually. Some items to say check, and others say to replace. We will list it out for you inside this job.

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500 Hour Service

Welcome to 500 hours on your Indmar engine. These engines take 16 spark plugs. I do see that the service manual says 500 hours, but i have changed them a lot sooner as most of the times, the spark plugs do not make it to 500 hours. pay attention to rough throttle or idle and you may need to change them sooner.

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2 Year Service

For your Indmar closed cooled engines. It is very important to stay on-top of this service. As I continue to build the site I will include tools used to perform this service.

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