Collection: Ilmor MV8 6.0L - 125 Hour / 3 Year Service

The Ilmor MV8 6.0L engine is no longer offered in the MasterCraft boat line.
Everything we offer is preventative maintenance. No one should push their impeller much further then this. The impeller will start to swell the longer it sits in water. I have seen it 1000 times. Even if you do not use the boat, the impeller will swell and no longer fit in the Raw Water Assembly correctly. When the engine gets up to it's High RPM the impeller will explode and destroy your weekend.

Perform a Basic inspection of the engine for water leaks when running on the hose or in water. Inspect the Sea Strainer, and as Stated before. Perform the same inspection as in the annual service.


  • Raw Water Impeller
  • Always take your phone and camera and look inside the housing for damage or wear once you remove the Impeller. Replace Raw Water Pump if needed

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