Collection: Ilmor 5000 MPI 5.7L - 300 Hour / 5 Year Service

The Ilmor 5000 MPI 5.7L engine is no longer offered in the MasterCraft boat line.
Please note that if for any reason you notice a rough running or miss fire in your engine, you should perform this service much sooner. Due to bad gas, lack of engine services, and over loading your boat can cause this service to take place a lot sooner. 

Perform a Basic inspection of the engine for water leaks when running on the hose or in water. Inspect the Sea Strainer, and as Stated before. Perform the same inspection as in the annual service.


  • Spark Plugs - Cap - Rotor
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Belt - Please check your engine serial# for the correct belt listed below

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